Friday, July 30, 2010

Scrappy Rug

~Every quilter has a masterpiece within~

I love tile floor and I love hardwood. The look of it is just so timeless and I think it makes a home look clean. However, I am also a whimp. Tile and hardwood is COLD(tile more than hardwood) on bare feet, especially in Montana winter. I get cold so very easy!

So, my solution so I don't have to have carpet in every room?(Including bathroom and kitchen?!) Wonderful scrap rugs from Treasured Times Quilting and Gifts!

Remember the giant ball of scraps that you can see on our blog banner? This is just one thing that the scrap ball can become!

Obviously, since it is a ball of scraps, you can see the little ties where the scraps were connected. I am a personal fan of the charming little knots, but if you are more the uniform type, one side doesn't show the ties.


So now you ask, are they comfortable?

Well my feet certainly find them so! But you say, "Ah, she's biased, she's director of marketing! She has to like them!" Well I'm not the only one! Miss Daisy(my high school teacher, Ms. Pfaff, whom I am house sitting for) likes it too!(Also note, my feet are relaxing on the tie side, but Daisy is more of the consistant type!)

Although I like these scrap rugs to keep my toes warm on tile, these are great for hardwood, laminate floors, and carpets too. Truly, any place a rug could go, a Scrappy Rug could take its place! One could greet your guests at the door, or soak up the water from your wet feeties in the bathroom, or just brighten up a room!

Alright everyone, have a lovely night! Also, wish our Production Manager a happy birthday! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHOLE!!!!! :D)

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