Thursday, July 22, 2010

A look at what's to come

~I'm itching to be stitching!--Author Unknown~

I love how a new little crafting something-- like a new book of scrapbook papers, some brightly colored thread, or even a specially shaped button-- can inspire projects.

Getting new fabric is no different!
These little fabric rolls are calling my name, just yearning to be Treasured Times products. I think this is destined for some lovely Todos for all your pattern-keeping needs.

I think the embroidered corduroy is probably some of my favorite goodies.

Just lovely, huh?

Now that I've shared the fabrics, I can't wait to share the products they become! That is where all the Treasured Times gals( and some guys) are at this point-- busily and happily creating wares! We're all stitching, molding, and scrapping away so we can officially open for business. Don't worry world, we're getting there! And of course, I'll keep you posted along the way. :)

Have a nice night, everyone!

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