Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lockwood Craft Show

~Quilters come with strings attached!~

We most certainly are Lockwoodians! For those of you who are raising your eyebrows in wonderment, that merely means that we live in Lockwood. Billings, MT is the largest city in Billings, but Lockwood hangs on the edge. It's too big to be a suburb to small to be a town, not in city limits, but all ours! Our homes our here, we went to school here, so it just makes sense to participate in the craft show here!

We started out with a blank table
and went to work!We organized, organized, organized, worked, worked, worked, and-- bam!
Honey buns and fat quarter packs,
scrappy scarves, lots of lovely pincushions,
and TA DA! A craft table!
We had a great time even though we didn't sell a great deal. We made some wonderful community connections and truly, that is what we entered this craft show looking to do. We wanted to support our community and allow those living close to us to know we existed! :) Plus it was good fun!
Well all, I think I am going to go take a bath! Hope you have a wonderful night!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

St. V's Craft Show(at last!)

~“America is not like a blanket-one piece of unbroken cloth, the same color, the same texture, the same size. America is more like a quilt-many patches, many pieces, many colors, many sizes, all woven and held together by a common thread"-- Jesse Jackson~

At last school is winding down for so I can do some blog catching up! And I also have the right camera card today, so I can actually show off our St. V's craft show!

It was on a Friday but we had to go set up on Thursday. Austin, Nichole, and myself trekked out into the chilly night with the Subaru stuffed full!
Then we put it all up :) Isn't Austin a good decorator?We had lots of lovely items for sale. You can see in the picture with Austin a wonderful lap quilt that Nichole made-- it is just so funky and bright! If you need a little color in your life, just let me know because we still have this beauty for sale : We had a forest of scrappy scarves. I don't know if I have talked about these scarves before, but they are my weird little brainchild. They are the quilting leftovers all tied together and knit-- fun, right?Lots of potholders in all designs and colors! These are really awesome, too, because they have a sort of aluminum batting in the middle so they are ultra-heat resistant. Who doesn't want that?!

A nice little array of pin cushion jarsand a few of the big boys were even converted into lovely sewing kits! Austin describes these as Easter baskets for quilters!Our whole table was filled with Nichole's table runner creations. Aren't they just awesome?LoLook! Ric Rac in action! I made some candle cozies to go around some homemade candles.And And then of course there was us-- the Treasured Times Gals in the flesh! How fun!

Alright everyone, have a lovely afternoon! Thanks for checking out our pictures! I am hoping to get time tomorrow to show off the OTHER craft show we did and then I think I'll be all caught up :) Then on to new things!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Embellishment Delights

~Before modern lighting was available most quilting was done in the daylight, outside if possible. A good deal of quilting was done in the summer due to longer daylight hours-- from

Isn't that little fact nifty? I thought we would try out a few quilting facts mixed in with our quilting quotes!

So I know I have been a bit neglectful of our poor little blog, but I am trying my best to keep up! I really wanted to show off some pictures from our latest craft shows around town, but I left the pictures on my other camera card! Oh well :( They will get on here soon enough!

In the mean time, want to see some adorable embellishments?
RIC RAC! Isn't this stuff just wonderful?! We are in love with it around here.

It is perfect for accents for little projects, like drink or candle cozies, but will also look just darn sweet on quilts.You know how I am about green :) Or if you don't, I will just come out and say that I have a slight love affair with this color. Especially when it is bright and bold like this ric rac is!I used this stunning red ric rac on a baby quilt not that long ago-- it was the absolutely perfect touch. So if you are looking for that finishing touch, look no further!

Guess what my friends? It gets better!

Ruffle Ric Rac! It has the wonderful versatility of ric rac for all sorts of embellishments, but it is ruffled! This one also has white-on-white polka dots.And of course it comes in green! What to see what else comes in green?These little poof balls! How darn sweet! They are like little bunny tales-- in a cute way, not in a "we stole a bunny's tale" way :)Little white poofs are also available! I don't have the pictures for them, but not too long ago we got them in chocolate and jet black as well! Wouldn't these be fun on a quilt for a toddler or younger child? I could just see a little one fiddling with these little poofs as they drift off to sleep :)

Just remember my friends, this is only a slice, a sneak peak, of all the embellishments we have! These little wonders are either here or coming in a huge array of colors! They can match any wonderful project you are working on! Plus, isn't it just fun to have all the colors in your stash? :)

Well everyone, I am off to study for my finals! Have a lovely night!