Monday, October 18, 2010

Seeing Stars

~When I give to you what I make with my hands, I share my heart~

I am still working on our website, which means I am constantly taking pictures. Since I have quite a few building up in my "Treasured Times" folder, I thought I should start showing you some!
To start, let's look at some fat quarters with a twist.
Fat Quarter Stars!!!
Each of these lovely stars has 5 full fat quarters nicely folded into this charming shape.
And look at all the colors they come in!
Wouldn't these be wonderful stocking stuffers? I know that I would love to find one in amongst my goodies!
Okay, now I have a completely un-quilt related photo.

Our craft cat! This is Mr. Odie, and he loves craft supplies. So he always likes to be down in our craft room and certainly enjoys playing with all our quilts. Both cute AND annoying! I took this at the same time as the stars and just thought you needed to see :)
Well have a nice night all! Sorry for neglecting the blog, but it has just been a crazy month so far! I'll try harder :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

St. John Quilt Gallery

~Love is the thread that binds us. ~Author Unknown~

Time for a whole bunch of photos my friends!
Well, I suppose that I should explain a bit what those photos are about. I mentioned in a previous post that we were readying ourselves for our own quilt show-- our very first opportunity to sell our goods! It is at St. John's Nursing Home here in Billings.
Here is the Art Gallery hall before Treasured Times QuiltingAnd after Treasured Times Quilting! Let's see some details!We were able to cover the walls with gorgeous folds of handmade goodness. Most of our goodies are quilts made for friends and family, but we are more than willing to accept custom orders to recreate any of these beauties.
A lovely little kitty quilt made for a coworker of Peggy's.This is probably my favorite quilt we displayed-- it is Nichole's Trip Around the World Quilt! Absolutely beautiful!!!Table Runners for all holidays!
A lovely display of hand-stitching which was completed by Peggy's mother, Grandma Ginger.
And yet another embroidery quilt-- this one made for Austin for graduation, done by Nichole.
And as you can see, we were also able to set up a table with some other lovely handmade goodies-- potholders, rugs, pincushions, and even Scrappy Balls!
We even brought in a dress form to display our Scrappy Scarf and Embroidered T-shirts I would love to look as cute as that dress form :)
Now that you've seen the finish project... let's take a step back and look at the process... the six- hour-long process...
We found that ruffling the quilts and tying them off with some part of the Scrappy Ball of Goodness turned out really cute.
And it wouldn't be us if we weren't finishing up some tiny detail at JUST the last moment :) Good think Peggy can bind quilts at the speed of light!
However, as you saw, we wanted some of our more detailed quilts to be fully displayed, so...
We used safety pins to pin jump rings to the back and then hung them using Command hooks, as not to damage the walls(more on that later).

Then they had to be hung,
hook by hook,
and a little help from a ladder!But they all got up there! At least they got up there...
So now the back story on the Command Hooks. The TV commercial lady who hangs a stuffed stocking on one of those hooks and has it hang perfectly lies! Those hooks sure look nice and they don't damage the walls, but the don't hold either!
After some of the elders at St. John's gave Nichole a call telling them that a few quilts were coming down, a buddy of mine, Matt, and I went and replaced all the Command Hooks with nails. Which would have been by far easier if we had gone that route in the first place, but all is well now!
So I hope that someone out there has a few moments to spare to drop by St. John's sometime this month(as the gallery will be there all month) and take an up-close look at these lovely quilts! It is at the main campus of the nursing home, at Chapel Court. Look for the big red canopy!
Have a nice night all!