Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Strutting their stuff!

~Put your foot down and QUILT~

Our table runners did some posing for the camera :)
They got to model with two handsome candle runners and show off their stuff! These fellas are perfect for dinning tables because of their length. They are also good for mantels, large coffee tables, or to add a pop of color to a window box.
I'm really loving these runners in our Blue Storm collection.
We have them both in the bigger version and the little pointy version. Fun, huh?

We also have the pointy pattern in other fabrics! These runners are shorter and thus far more suited for coffee tables or larger end tables.
Look at this little guy! Wouldn't this just be perfect for your next dinner party?

So, can you think of any lovely places that could use some quilted table runner charm? :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cutting, cutting, and more cutting

~Quilters make better comforters !~
And our little students are just cutting,
and cutting some more!
But no worries, we'll have them sewing soon :) The best part of teaching quilting and not quilting is that I don't have to cut all those pieces-- I can just watch them do it! Awesome right? :)

Although I am one of those quilters who abhors the cutting process and I do know quilters who love it! Which kind of quilter are you?

Monday, February 7, 2011

We all need a little help sometimes

~The best things in life are quilted~

We are a diverse group of people in our business-- we are all ages, all shapes, all sizes, all sorts of personalities. All across the board! But sometimes, the Treasured Times gals just can't do it all-- we need some help from our guys :)
So here is Mr. Gary Bourassa, Peggy's husband, Nichole's father, my father-in-law. Hee hee, we're all connected! Peggy was putting a table runner on our quilting machine nick-named Tin Lizzy and it is always helpful to have more then one person when doing this.
So Mr. Bourassa stuck around!
He did some rolling
Did a little tightening
And got that quilt put on! Just goes to show that even though we are the Treasured Times Quilting Gals, we still need a little help sometimes! Good thing there are always people there to help us :)

We want our customers to know that too, though. No matter what you're working on, if you've got yourself in a rut, sewed something wrong, or have frustrated yourself to tears(I know it's happened to me!) we are always here to help anyone who needs us. So make sure to give us a call or stop by our store! We're always here to help-- even our guys are!

Have a wonderful night everyone!