Monday, July 19, 2010

Adorable recues

~May your bobbin always be full!~
Look at these little fellows.
They're rescues! They were jars left laying in garages to collect dust, jars whose contents were used up and were destined for the garbage, jars found in boxes of junk at garage sales. Good thing we know that these little guys are definitely not garbage! For though they look like mere jars now, look what they can be!
TADA! Where once stood plain jars, now stands and adorable pincushion! Yes, the Treasured Times gals have cleaned them up and given these little rescues new life and a new purpose-- to look absolutely adorable on your sewing table!
Plus, these little cuties are multi-purpose. I mean, they are jars, so they hold cute stuff too! This leafy pincushion is holding onto some buttons for me, but I think he could easily keep some yoyos in his belly. Or maybe some embroidery floss. What about ribbon? Or a sewing measuring tape? Even a tiny ball of yarn...
Obviously, these adorable pincushions can serve many purposes! Also, did you see what other little goodies are topping this guy?
Hand crafted pins!!!! These little leaves are but one set of handmade pins that will be found on every pincushion that comes from us. As soon as we produce a few other pin cushions, I will be able to show you the other sets of pins we've created. You don't think we'd stop at leaves, do you?? Think again! :)
Well, that's all I have to show today! These little sneak product peeks are making me so excited to get underway and show off everything that we have in the works! All I can say is that there are MANY posts to come!!!!
Good... night? Morning? Being that it's 1:00 AM, I'm not sure which is correct.... :)

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