Sunday, July 25, 2010

Putting our fancy pot holders to use!

~Crafts fill my day, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets~

It was a hot one today(for those of you not in MT, if there are any reading this, it was about 100 degrees...), but it was still a good a day as any for cookies!!! With AC, despite hot ovens, any day can be a cookie day. :)

So Miss Presley Myers(another Treasured Times lady who will get a proper introduction at a post coming near you!), my dear friend, and I broke out the ingredients and started baking.
Okay, I must admit that I was lucky Pres was there with me so I could snap the photos!
Because she was the one to mix
and the one to scoop!
Oh yeah, she also pulled them out of the oven
and scooped them up off the tray. So I say "we" made cookies, but it seems as though Presley was the cookie baker today... Oh well :)

So I am sure you noticed some lovely quilted pot holders throughout that picture series :) No doubt, you are having baking-envy and dearly wish your hands looked as fabulous as Presley's did :)
You're in luck! These pot holders are just one gift from the "Gift" part of Treasured Times Quilting and Gifts!
They are each hand-sewn and machine quilted(thus far, all by Nichole!) with love and triple-batted with consideration for baker's or chef's hands.
These are done in girly pinks, with similarly girly patterns(hearts, butterflies, breast cancer ribbons. All cute, but certainly girly!). However we are quilting up LOTS of these guys in all colors and patterns to match any one's personality and-- more importantly-- your kitchen!
Well, I hope our baking fun has inspired you-- both to do some baking of your own, and to get some fancy quilted pot holders in which to bake with! Anyway, have a nice night everyone! Austin(my fiance and Peggy's son, so Nichole's brother. We're all very interconnected!) and I are sitting down to enjoy a movie and some cookies that I think you've seen before :)

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