Sunday, July 25, 2010

Further introduction

~May your sorrows be patched and your joys quilted~

I have mentioned a few people in my last couple of posts who, I believe, need a better introduction than I have given them! As I said in my first introduction, the three of us(Nichole, Peggy, and myself) may be the nucleus of this business, but we are NOT NOT NOT the only people behind it! We have a lot of support and I'm going to get down to recognizing it!

Austin Bourassa

Crafts: scrapbooking, koi keeping, pond building

Austin is, as I said, my fiance(woo!), Peggy's son, and Nichole's brother. He may not be crafty in the same sense that we are(although he does occasionally scrapbook with me!), he is sure a builder and has all the know-how of the crafty world from his crafting ladies. He is a great idea man and has an AWESOME eye for color, which we often put to use. He is my personal best friend as well as my husband-to-be and we all appreciate his input in our quilty business! One day, boy, I will get you on a sewing machine!!!

Presley Myers

Crafts: Scrapbooking, organizing, Modge Podgeing

Presley Lynne is one of my oldest friends and when I became integrated into the Bourassa clan, so did she! She is a crafty lady too, though she isn't quite a fan of stitching(at all... yet!). Pres is very organized, very clean, but has a funky 60s-inspired style when she crafts. Her scrapbook pages, as well as any of her other crafts, have both of these elements in the end product. Meaning, they end up pretty cool :) To Treasured Times, she is a product tester, a scrapbooker, and I am seeing some sort of organization project in her future. Although these are her current positions, I am sure as time goes on, there will be more :)

I think I've got you caught up now! And as I mention more of our supporters (employees? :P), I will write more introductions!

Goodnight everyone!

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