Friday, July 30, 2010

Scrappy Rug

~Every quilter has a masterpiece within~

I love tile floor and I love hardwood. The look of it is just so timeless and I think it makes a home look clean. However, I am also a whimp. Tile and hardwood is COLD(tile more than hardwood) on bare feet, especially in Montana winter. I get cold so very easy!

So, my solution so I don't have to have carpet in every room?(Including bathroom and kitchen?!) Wonderful scrap rugs from Treasured Times Quilting and Gifts!

Remember the giant ball of scraps that you can see on our blog banner? This is just one thing that the scrap ball can become!

Obviously, since it is a ball of scraps, you can see the little ties where the scraps were connected. I am a personal fan of the charming little knots, but if you are more the uniform type, one side doesn't show the ties.


So now you ask, are they comfortable?

Well my feet certainly find them so! But you say, "Ah, she's biased, she's director of marketing! She has to like them!" Well I'm not the only one! Miss Daisy(my high school teacher, Ms. Pfaff, whom I am house sitting for) likes it too!(Also note, my feet are relaxing on the tie side, but Daisy is more of the consistant type!)

Although I like these scrap rugs to keep my toes warm on tile, these are great for hardwood, laminate floors, and carpets too. Truly, any place a rug could go, a Scrappy Rug could take its place! One could greet your guests at the door, or soak up the water from your wet feeties in the bathroom, or just brighten up a room!

Alright everyone, have a lovely night! Also, wish our Production Manager a happy birthday! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHOLE!!!!! :D)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


~Ask not what your fabric can do for you, but what you can do for your fabric~
(Apparently I can sew beads for my fabric... :P)
I've been Todo sewing. Which, technically, is repetition in and of itself. Then I just added to it by doing this
sewing tiny deeply colored beads over and over and over again in the center of each of those funky designs. As soon as I find a proper backing for this little gal, she'll be a proper Todo. Until then, she is just a piece of fabric carefully sewn with beads... :)
Sleep well everyone! It may be a short post, but I got one in before I went to bed!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Further introduction

~May your sorrows be patched and your joys quilted~

I have mentioned a few people in my last couple of posts who, I believe, need a better introduction than I have given them! As I said in my first introduction, the three of us(Nichole, Peggy, and myself) may be the nucleus of this business, but we are NOT NOT NOT the only people behind it! We have a lot of support and I'm going to get down to recognizing it!

Austin Bourassa

Crafts: scrapbooking, koi keeping, pond building

Austin is, as I said, my fiance(woo!), Peggy's son, and Nichole's brother. He may not be crafty in the same sense that we are(although he does occasionally scrapbook with me!), he is sure a builder and has all the know-how of the crafty world from his crafting ladies. He is a great idea man and has an AWESOME eye for color, which we often put to use. He is my personal best friend as well as my husband-to-be and we all appreciate his input in our quilty business! One day, boy, I will get you on a sewing machine!!!

Presley Myers

Crafts: Scrapbooking, organizing, Modge Podgeing

Presley Lynne is one of my oldest friends and when I became integrated into the Bourassa clan, so did she! She is a crafty lady too, though she isn't quite a fan of stitching(at all... yet!). Pres is very organized, very clean, but has a funky 60s-inspired style when she crafts. Her scrapbook pages, as well as any of her other crafts, have both of these elements in the end product. Meaning, they end up pretty cool :) To Treasured Times, she is a product tester, a scrapbooker, and I am seeing some sort of organization project in her future. Although these are her current positions, I am sure as time goes on, there will be more :)

I think I've got you caught up now! And as I mention more of our supporters (employees? :P), I will write more introductions!

Goodnight everyone!

Putting our fancy pot holders to use!

~Crafts fill my day, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets~

It was a hot one today(for those of you not in MT, if there are any reading this, it was about 100 degrees...), but it was still a good a day as any for cookies!!! With AC, despite hot ovens, any day can be a cookie day. :)

So Miss Presley Myers(another Treasured Times lady who will get a proper introduction at a post coming near you!), my dear friend, and I broke out the ingredients and started baking.
Okay, I must admit that I was lucky Pres was there with me so I could snap the photos!
Because she was the one to mix
and the one to scoop!
Oh yeah, she also pulled them out of the oven
and scooped them up off the tray. So I say "we" made cookies, but it seems as though Presley was the cookie baker today... Oh well :)

So I am sure you noticed some lovely quilted pot holders throughout that picture series :) No doubt, you are having baking-envy and dearly wish your hands looked as fabulous as Presley's did :)
You're in luck! These pot holders are just one gift from the "Gift" part of Treasured Times Quilting and Gifts!
They are each hand-sewn and machine quilted(thus far, all by Nichole!) with love and triple-batted with consideration for baker's or chef's hands.
These are done in girly pinks, with similarly girly patterns(hearts, butterflies, breast cancer ribbons. All cute, but certainly girly!). However we are quilting up LOTS of these guys in all colors and patterns to match any one's personality and-- more importantly-- your kitchen!
Well, I hope our baking fun has inspired you-- both to do some baking of your own, and to get some fancy quilted pot holders in which to bake with! Anyway, have a nice night everyone! Austin(my fiance and Peggy's son, so Nichole's brother. We're all very interconnected!) and I are sitting down to enjoy a movie and some cookies that I think you've seen before :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A look at what's to come

~I'm itching to be stitching!--Author Unknown~

I love how a new little crafting something-- like a new book of scrapbook papers, some brightly colored thread, or even a specially shaped button-- can inspire projects.

Getting new fabric is no different!
These little fabric rolls are calling my name, just yearning to be Treasured Times products. I think this is destined for some lovely Todos for all your pattern-keeping needs.

I think the embroidered corduroy is probably some of my favorite goodies.

Just lovely, huh?

Now that I've shared the fabrics, I can't wait to share the products they become! That is where all the Treasured Times gals( and some guys) are at this point-- busily and happily creating wares! We're all stitching, molding, and scrapping away so we can officially open for business. Don't worry world, we're getting there! And of course, I'll keep you posted along the way. :)

Have a nice night, everyone!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Adorable recues

~May your bobbin always be full!~
Look at these little fellows.
They're rescues! They were jars left laying in garages to collect dust, jars whose contents were used up and were destined for the garbage, jars found in boxes of junk at garage sales. Good thing we know that these little guys are definitely not garbage! For though they look like mere jars now, look what they can be!
TADA! Where once stood plain jars, now stands and adorable pincushion! Yes, the Treasured Times gals have cleaned them up and given these little rescues new life and a new purpose-- to look absolutely adorable on your sewing table!
Plus, these little cuties are multi-purpose. I mean, they are jars, so they hold cute stuff too! This leafy pincushion is holding onto some buttons for me, but I think he could easily keep some yoyos in his belly. Or maybe some embroidery floss. What about ribbon? Or a sewing measuring tape? Even a tiny ball of yarn...
Obviously, these adorable pincushions can serve many purposes! Also, did you see what other little goodies are topping this guy?
Hand crafted pins!!!! These little leaves are but one set of handmade pins that will be found on every pincushion that comes from us. As soon as we produce a few other pin cushions, I will be able to show you the other sets of pins we've created. You don't think we'd stop at leaves, do you?? Think again! :)
Well, that's all I have to show today! These little sneak product peeks are making me so excited to get underway and show off everything that we have in the works! All I can say is that there are MANY posts to come!!!!
Good... night? Morning? Being that it's 1:00 AM, I'm not sure which is correct.... :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A sneak peek!

~Sewing mends the soul.--Author Unknown~

I don't know if I have said it here(was it on facebook?)but we are busily creating wares! Not quite ready for business, but we are definitely getting there. So, I think it's time to show some of that product that we are creating!

This lovely book is called a Todo. It contains any project that you have "to do". With an adorable sewn cover, scrapbooked dividers, these books are meant to store any and all of your quilting patterns and look GOOD while doing it!

The covers(as well as the dividers!) are being made in many colors and designs. I will make sure to post a few more once they have their photo debuts. But for now, I thought that this sweet little gal deserved to be seen by all! :)

Well, have a lovely morning and a good weekend!

Hello World!

~The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.--Mary Kurtz~
Cheer! The first post!! By the by, I believe that quote :P
I love starting new things. And although this blog post in and of itself is something new, this blog is but the beginning of our budding business. With this blog, I am introducing Treasured Times Quilting and Gifts to the world!
So, you should probably know who you are dealing with, huh? :) Time for introductions!

Peggy Bourassa

Crafts: Scrapbooking, embroidery, knitting, general sewing, cross-stitch, and of course quilting!
Fancy title: Founder(CEO)
Peggy is, as I said, our founder, the lady who truly started it all. She is a wonderful nurse as well as crafter. Trying to find her "niche" in the quilting store world, she came up with revolutionary idea to sell customized quilt kits in people's homes-- thus the idea of Treasured Times was born! She is the matriarch of our crafting family and is the most experienced. She is definitely our crafting teacher, and lucky for me, she is a patient, understanding, encouraging, and FUN one!
Nichole Quilao
Crafts: Scrapbooking, embroidery, general sewing, quilting!
Fancy title: Production Manager
Nichole is the daughter of Peggy and is, thus, a very avid crafter as well! Nichole has MS, and although disabled by it does not let it come in the way of her crafting. She is the clean-cut and challenging quilter-- she is the one to take on the complicated patterns without fear! In fact, she made the lovely trip-around-the-world quilt featured on our banner! Nichole is the creator of many, many of our gifts as well as all of our quilty prototypes. Needless to say, she's a busy lady!
Tabitha Maust
Crafts: Scrapbooking, embroidery, cross-stitch, general sewing, knitting, photography, quilting!
Fancy title: Director of Marketing/ Photo Lady
I am the blog writer, by the by! I have always loved to craft but did not get into quite the number of crafts until I met the Bourassa family. I am currently engaged to their son, so I am almost officially related! :P I have a deep love/addiction to crafting, especially quilting, but I am the least experienced and more a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda person. This means I don't always abide by the rules! Sometimes it produces WONDERFUL things, and other times, well, not so much! :P Oh well! I seem to always have fun doing it!
So while we three are the main little trio in Treasured Times, by NO MEANS think that we are the only three that is supporting and working on this business. Although I will just introduce the three of us now, certain other key figures and friends will doubtlessly be introduced throughout this wonderful blog!
Now that you know who you're dealing with, I hope you first off, aren't scared away :P, and second, are just as excited as we are to see our business bloom! Have a nice night!