Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Status Update

~Love is the thread that binds us~
I know that it may seem as though I have abandoned you, but I promise, I have just been BUSY! As have the other Treasured Times gals! And guys, for that matter!

But, as you can see by Nichole's work space, we are cruising along! We are talking with fabric reps, getting in shipments, creating our wares, cleaning out our sewing space for lessons and kits sales. In other words-- WORKING! :) I just need to remember to ah, well, document our work so I can share with everyone else. So, although this is all that I have to share with you for now, I promise fun things are on the horizon, such as :

  • Scrap balls!
  • LOTS of Todo folders
  • Our wonderful new fabric
  • Some more awesome fancy potholders

See, lots of fun stuff! Well I am off to recoup some more(I passed out during a blood draw today, stinky, huh?), Nichole is in Korea right now(a layover) and will be in the Philapeans probably tomorrow, and Peggy is working on our sewing area. So, goodnight all, talk to you later! And soon, I promise!

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