Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A look into our sewing room

~I cannot count my day complete 'til needle, thread and fabric meet.~
Well one can't sew unless they have a proper sewing room, right? Well that is what Peggy and I are up to! Treasured Times Quilting will/will not have a store front. We won't have a store on Grand Ave. or anything like that, but we WILL have a store and a place to teach quilting! However, we're doing it at Peggy's house!
We already had a fun crafting room downstairs, and of course we'll be using that! However Peggy's room, which was once a family room, is being converted into our store! That means, well, that it must be CONVERTED!
Moving furniture, finding new places to store our scrap stuff(of course we're scrapbookers!), creating beautiful displays. So, you wanna see some of my favorite pieces we've taken into the room?
This little guy will house aprons, tea towels, and all kitchen-like fabric. It's kinda fun, huh? I'm charmed by it anyway!We have to have a baby spot!! This is the changing table that Peggy's father built and was used for all of her children. Now it's going to hold Peggy's new babies-- our fabric :) That counts, right?
This is Austin's favorite piece because it can be used for anything. We don't have a specific area we want to use this guy for, but it will be perfect for fabric storage! Which, is actually what it was used for in its former life before Treasured Times! :)
Well all, as more developments in the room happen I will make sure to show you the going-ons! Have a good afternoon all!

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