Saturday, August 14, 2010


~Quilters lead pieceful lives~
Okay, so maybe this doesn't look organized(thought it does look fun!), but these little fellas are for organizing! These are the Todo folders I told you about!

Some of you are saying... a what? A Todo! They are wonderful books that we have created for your quilting pattern storage needs. They have sewn covers in many designs(the link above leads to a ruffle one!) and come with scrapbooked dividers to really get those patterns in order. Well, here are the dividers!

One for Quilts,
for Baby Quilts,
for Table Runners,Wall Hangings,
and one for all those extra, random patterns!
All 250 of these adorable critters were created by Miss Presley Myers, our local Modge Podge addict. She's also a pretty darn good scrapbooker, so these were right up her alley. One of these days we'll have to get that girl sewing!
Each of these folders, as I said, were made by Presley, and, thus, all the titles are handwritten by her. She also took the time to make a stitch effect on each title name plate, and we used only the finest of adorable scrapbook paper! They're just fun!
Well everyone I just got home for a catering about 20 minutes ago and I am pretty pooped! Have a nice night all!


  1. Well thank you! They took quite a bit of work, but they turned out so darn cute!