Monday, January 24, 2011

A weekend in review

~My soul is fed with needle and thread~

Okay friends, I know I am a weekend behind in blogging! But better late than never, right? :) So, let's take a look at how that grand opening went! We can even give you a virtual tour!
Our little store is broken into two rooms-- the store and the classroom. Of course there are goodies to buy in the classroom, but most of it is in the "store" room. And here it is! All 300 or so bolts of fabric I keep chatting about :) This is the view from the back of it.
We have our little thread center, all filled with lovely notions, right in the back corner!
Here is the front of our store, with our fat quarter stash, our tool center, and our baby area.
We have some wonderful "mini bolts" in all sorts of baby patterns over here! Aren't they sweet?
We had our long arm, Tin Lizzy, all set up with kits and Nichole's lovely Trip Around the World Quilt for display. Notice the kitty,
All curled up on the quilt! He had a great day and loves playing around in the store.
He even helped organize patterns!

So this is what the store section looks like, and you will see plenty more of our classroom when I post the pictures of our quilting class later this week! So never fear, the virtual tour will continue another day! Until then, want to see what that lovely store looked like full of friendly customers?
They looked through our products,
Bought a couple things,
Looked some more,

Found some more things they liked,
And made us girls happy!!!

Okay, so now the truth must come out! Those were my buddies shopping around who showed up simply to support me-- believe or not that guy up there, Jacob Dillon, is not into quilting! Go figure :P We did see some customers, but in the midst of helping them, I forgot to take any pictures of them! Oh well, you still got to see SOMEONE looking through out fabric :D And we were happy no matter what!

Well friends, thanks for looking and to all those who came-- THANK YOU! The grand opening started well, and now we have no where to go but up! Have a wonderful afternoon all and look forward to some class pictures coming up!

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