Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Website: up and running!

~Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing...the days pass quickly when I am sewing!~

Look my friends, look! It lives! It's wonderful! Although I guess I am biased so... you know :) Of course I think it is wonderful :)

So, if you want to go and look, check out Treasured Times Quilting and Gifts! It isn't completely full yet, but that just means that every time you look there you can find something new! I am happy to say that there isn't any "blank" spots left on the website, but some parts are looking rather slim right now. No worries though, because our actual store is PACKED-- and soon, so will our website! My trusty camera and I are just going to have to get going :)

I know that this has been a long time coming, so I am super excited now that it is up and running and hope everyone else is too! I think I need to stop rambling about my happy little website now and get back to work :) Have a great night!

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