Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm just quoting...

~A yard a day keeps the blues away~

I really enjoy starting my posts off with quotes. So I thought I should just fill this post with quotes!!

Such as this one
Oh and this one!
I think you get the picture! These adorable little signs are just awesome for sewing room decorations! Even if you don't have a sewing room in your home, but a tiny little nook(I of course have the store, but at home, I have a corner!)one of these signs will mark your sewing teritory and give you the impression that you have a sewing room :)
But no matter what, these lovely little signs will make you smile! I know that Christmas just passed us by, but if you are already planning for next year, just remember that these are perfectly stocking-sized.Ah! Just cute! Thought I would share some of our products with you to start off the new year!
Speaking of that, my next couple of posts will reveal some of the big steps we are making around here; how we are becoming a fully operational business! But for now, I will leave you drooling over these cute quotes and I will talk with you all later! Have a nice night!

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