Wednesday, November 24, 2010

St. Vincent Quilt Gallery

~I am a quilter and my house is in pieces~

My oh my I have not been keeping up! I am telling you my friends I have had a hard time being able to blog all the wonderful things that we have been doing! We've been quilting like crazy, going to craft shows, putting up quilt galleries(and unexpectedly taking them down...) working on our website and store area, not to mention getting in new material!

I am on Thanksgiving break from college right now, so I will be trying my best to update everyone! I suppose I should start with the St. Vincent Quilt Gallery(being that it's the title of the post!)

I contacted the Cafeteria Manager at the hospital(one of my managers, as my day job is food service :P) and asked if he allowed local artists to display their work. Lucky for us, he said yes!

So we took our quilts,with hammer and nails in tow,and put the beauties up!

And don't you know that putting up quilts is always more fun with friends?And we got all those lovely quilts, table runners, pot holders, and rugs up! Boy did that cafeteria look PRETTY!

Or it did...

I got a call about two weeks later(what, last week? I believe so) and was told the Fire Marshall came by for lunch.... and cited our quilts as a fire hazard! And down they went! :( Which, in truth, was just fine. Not only did we did our name out there, but we had to take everything down for the craft show that same week, and we had a good two week run! So, no worries friends, all is well :)

Well that is all for now! I am watching Harry Potter with Austin and am going to start working on the website a bit more! Have a lovely night all!

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