Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another crew member!

~You sew girl!~

Want to meet yet another one of our wonderful Treasured Times Gals?

Name: Beth
Crafts: Quilting, Long arm quilting
Fancy Title: Director of Long Arm Quilting

Miss Beth is rather new to quilting, but that doesn't stop her from being wonderful at it! She has pieced together many wonderful, amazing quilts that I just envy! Also, she has learned the art of long arm quilting. Not just learned.... mastered? Yes, mastered! She is an awesome long arm quilter and does nearly all of our quilts here at Treasured Times! In other words, we just love Beth :) When she isn't quilting, however, she is a nurse, a wonderful mommy as well as grandmommy! She's just wonderful all the way around :)

So, world wide web, Beth, Beth, world wide web! Now you've met! :) I'm off to do some homework! Have a good day all.

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