Monday, October 18, 2010

Seeing Stars

~When I give to you what I make with my hands, I share my heart~

I am still working on our website, which means I am constantly taking pictures. Since I have quite a few building up in my "Treasured Times" folder, I thought I should start showing you some!
To start, let's look at some fat quarters with a twist.
Fat Quarter Stars!!!
Each of these lovely stars has 5 full fat quarters nicely folded into this charming shape.
And look at all the colors they come in!
Wouldn't these be wonderful stocking stuffers? I know that I would love to find one in amongst my goodies!
Okay, now I have a completely un-quilt related photo.

Our craft cat! This is Mr. Odie, and he loves craft supplies. So he always likes to be down in our craft room and certainly enjoys playing with all our quilts. Both cute AND annoying! I took this at the same time as the stars and just thought you needed to see :)
Well have a nice night all! Sorry for neglecting the blog, but it has just been a crazy month so far! I'll try harder :)

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